Classic! This is Trend following discretionary strategy (5M). There must be something wrong if you cannot win with this strategy!

What is the classic discretionary ・Trend following strategy (5M)?

This strategy is an orderly strategy of discretion to follow the trend.

It is easy to do for anyone and highly trafficked with 5M.
I finally reached this simple strategy by trying various ways.

Although I have bought many products that costed me tens of thousands of yen in the past, 80% of them are just basic knowledge and not useful after all.

As a result, simple strategy=not difficult, therefore, you can use it for long run and achieve a good result.

Have you experienced that you purchased an expensive product, but stopped using because you thought “I have seen it somewhere” or “too much things to check”?

I have experienced a lot.

That’s why I wanted to focus on a simple strategy, and release the strategy that can payback the product fee by one day.

How much can I earn?

For example,

If you trade 100 thousand currencies (1.0 Lots) in one deal and earn 10 Pips, it means that it will be 10 thousand profit (1 pips = 1,000 yen in the case of a pair of yen currencies) .

For example,

10pics 1day ×20days=200pips

If you can get 10 pips in one trade, you only need to trade once a day.

In the case of trading 1 lot (1 Pips = 1000 yen), 1month=200Pips×1000yen=200,000yen

In the case of trading 5 lot(1Pips=5000yen), 1month=200Pips×5000yen=1,000,000yen

In the case of trading 10 lot(1Pips=10000yen), 1month=200Pips×10000yen=2,000,000yen

Even beginners can understand as soon as you start trading. For a common example, in the case of 1 day in the transaction of 50,000 currencies (0.5 Lots) with the operation fund of 300 thousand yen, it will be 5000 yen in one deal only once a day.

In this case,

1 day trade with 0.5 lot (1Pics=500yen), and get 10Pics, 1month=200Pips×500yen=100,000yen

In one trade, the time from holding a position to taking profits is only about several minutes.

By only understanding the strategy of winning, it is not hard to earn.

the classic discretionary ・Trend following strategy (5M) overview

■Time chart of use

■Set profit


■trade chance
⇒more than twice in one hour

■Initial investment amount
⇒You can start from 50,000yen

■Available currency pair

■Indicator to use
⇒Moving average and oscillator system

■Monitor winning percentage

■Image with indicator set■

What kind of person is suitable for this strategy?

  • If you want to follow the trend, or want to know the tips on scalping
  • If you want to earn money as a side business.
  • If you want to know the way to get a profit by following the trend.
  • If you want to earn money by trading in FX’s extra time.
  • If you want to earn money with FX by spending 3 to 30 minutes while doing the work
  • If you are not sure how to start FX and afraid of loss even though you have opened up the account.
  • If you want to get your stable winning pattern and earn money with FX.
  • If you always watch the chart but don’t know how to enter.
  • If you want to gain the skill of earning money.

What are the key points in trading?

classic discretionary ・Trend following strategy (5M) is based on the core logic I usually use.

I focused on “the strategy that even beginners can understand and win”

It is easy even for beginners to trade without any worries, and you can understand the chart before you realize it.

From my experience, the important points are;

  • Find a good entry point
  • Do not hesitate by deciding profit / loss
  • Always verify / practice

It sounds easy, but very difficult to do.

It seems easy by looking at the past market, but those who have actual trade experience will be lost where to have and settle the position.

You cannot earn without finding a good entry point.

In particular, if you want to earn tens of thousands of yen, you can not keep earning every day unless you have a high winning percentage entry point which is also easy and clear.

Also, even if you find a good entry point, you don’t know the next entry point if you miss it.

Have you missed the good entry point even though you have found one?

I think many of you have done these experiences while trading.

Are you still repeating the loss cut everyday?

But you cannot stop FX or you don’t want to stop FX.


You need to follow the trend with easy strategy.

There are a few chance of trading in one hour.


You can get a great profit if you follow the trend.


Do you show the actual trading history?

Since there are many users who want to refer to the actual trade, I show you my trading history.

It is not a afterthought from the result, but a history before/after trading with images.
※The update frequency is undecided.

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How much do you spend on this strategy?

Most of the FX products cost you about 20,000yen.

But have you experienced that they are too difficult to understand, the strategy is too complicated, or they are just basic things and gave up at the end?

“The classic discretionary ・Trend following strategy (5M)” can get you a return on your investment with just one trade.

If you get the logic, it won’t cost you after that.

I think that 50,000yen is even worth for it.

However, “the classic discretionary ・Trend following strategy (5M)” is only 999yen

Why is it so cheap?
This is because I would like you to win with this strategy and pass on to RizeFx

I share this strategy that I am proud of with budget price because I believe that if you win with it, you will get back to RizeFx.

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